Five best restaurants in Sapa

Best restaurants in SapaPrice of food in Sapa tours not expensive but you should check the price before eating. When the night falls, you can go out drinking Shan Lung whine and eat barbeque. There are many strange barbeque such as baked eggs, baked pig heart, grilled chicken, roasted purple potatoes, eggs, grilled duck eggs, rice cooked in bamboo pipe...

Being a mountainous district but Sapa is famous for specialties from ... fish. Fish caught from springs around Sapa is about the size of 2 fingers, it is wonderful to taste this grilled fish with beer. Sapa is also one of the few places in Vietnam where Salmon and Sturgeon are raised

In addition to the grilled food market with a wide selection of dishes with affordable prices. You can choose from a number of restaurants suggested below

Best choice for adventurous travelers: traditional Thang Co restaurant A Quynh
Sapa train trips from Hanoi. Thang Co soup is a typical traditional dish of Hmong people and then introduced to other ethnic groups like King, Dzao, Tay..."Thang Co" is a mispronounciation of "Thoang Co" in the language of Hmong people, means the hot pot of soup, meat cooked traditionally is horse and over time added with beef, buffalo meat or pork.

A Quynh restaurant is a rendevouz for visitors who want to enjoy this mountainous specialty every time they go to Sapa. Thang Co is prepared and cooked in the old fashion with strange spices, very unique only in the highlands, making it unforgettable for the tourists. In addition the restaurant also serves delicious dishes such as soup, salad salmon, Com Lam, bacon, fried chicken and pigs, natural vegetables of Sapa. And if you come here at weekends you will have a chance to enjoy the traditional dances and songs performed by young tribal boys and girls

Best choice of European food: Buffalo Bell restaurant
With more and more European tourists go to Sapa in recent years, Sapa cuisine has been more or less influenced by European cuisine and Buffalo Bell restaurant is a popular address for international travelers.
Buffalo Bell Restaurant in Sapa is popular with Vietnamese and Italian cuisine, honey roasted duck, chicken fried with cashew nuts, Pizza. Located on the front side of the main street, the most vibrant area in Sapa town and the impressive atmostphere give diners a cozy and comfortable feeling while enjoying the food at the restaurant
Buffalo Bell is not a big restaurant, it can accommodate 60 diners with customers mostly foreign tourists. Restaurants serving Vietnamese and European cuisine, Italian, French...If you come early please choose a seat near the fire place, and don't forget to try banana pancake honey & chocolate

Hoa Dao restaurant: best place for Salmon hot pot
One of the best places in Sapa to taste the famous Salmon cooked in hot pot is Hoa Dao restaurant. The restaurant is located right in the heart of Sapa town, just across the central park. Although Hoa Dao restaurant serves all types of cuisine from Asian to Europe this restaurant is best known for Salmon hot pot which most domestic visitors to Sapa want to try.

When you order from the menu you you should only choose 2 or 3 dishes is enough, so food will not be bored and can feel the taste of salmon longer. Salmon combined with vegetables from cold countries with little cup of Bac Ha wine will bring you unforgettable flavour.

Salmon hot pot has strong taste, beautiful pink meat, high nutritional value, salmon dish was the luxury of visiting Sapa. With year-round cool climate and cold winters even have snow, Salmon in Sapa is stroong, no fat, no less quality than imported salmon, very suitable for processing different dishes such as: salad, soup, porridge, grilled salmon, steamed fish eggs, smoked salmon...

Hoa Sua restaurant: best Baguette and Chocolate Cafe
Located on one of the main street of Sapa town, Baguette and Chocolate Cafe restaurant is a 5 minute walk to the market town of Sapa and churches. The restaurant is designed in French style serving the favorite flavors of Vietnam and western food. The restaurant is up on a hill with natural spaces and is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy breakfast from the delicious cake with a cup of hot coffee. Just enjoy delicious food while listening to classical music in the cool atmosphere of Sapa, especially Bagatte & Chocolate Restaurant serves all kinds of delicious cakes and pastas.
For the main meal, you should choose the dish Vietnam and cheese lasagna, while coffee and pastries will be better in the afternoon or evening meal. Baguette and Chocolate Cafe is the place offers the best French pastries in town with natural raw honey. This small restaurant is the best choice for the winter day, when you can enjoy a delicious croissant bread with a cup of hot coffee to forget the cold in Sapa.

Best choice for budget travelers: Tam Xuyen restaurant
An ideal place for backpackers, this restaurant is the cheapest choice for not only visitors to Sapa but also local people, this is a favourite restaurants for the tour guides and drivers after a long working day, many young international travelers can be seen eating with locals. Food is surprisingly plenty and pretty good, diners can spend about 5 usd/person for a good meal with fried eggs, grilled fish, beef with vegetable, cabbage pickles, spring rolls, boiled pork...
The restaurant is located on the stairs to Ham Rong mountain close to the row of shops selling souvenirs and herbal products, it looks humble without a sign and from outside it doesn't look like a restaurant. I myself have been to this restaurants some times and really liked it, an authentic Vietnam restaurant where you can find the real Vietnamese food that local eat everyday at home.

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