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Sapa Culture Guide

Black Hmong mother Sapa

One of the largest ethnic minorities in Vietnam is the Hmong Tribe. Hmong originally means “free people”. They came from China, and now live in different regions throughout Vietnam. The Hmong minority is divided in several subgroups. It is very easy to identify them, looking at the color of the clothes they wear. In the Read more

Sapa Culture Guide

Red Dzao girls Sapa

Although you need to do a trekking to the mountains to see the “real Life” of the ethnic minorities, you can see people belonging to many tribes in the streets of Sapa. The Red Dzao is one of the ethnic groups that live in the region. They are called Red Dzao because they always use Read more

Sapa Culture Guide

Thai ladies Sapa

There are many reasons to come to Sapa. The two main are: to see how local minorities live in Vietnam, and to go on a trekking on the mountains. People who live in the region still use their traditional clothes (young and old people alike). They also speak their own languages — each tribe speaks Read more

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